Released May 29, 2023

  • be able to override arguments when using a source defined in an entry-point

  • make sources usable without explicit dependence on dask: zarr, textfiles, csv

  • removed some explicit usage (but not all) of dask throughout the codebase

  • new dataframe pipeline transform source


Released March 11, 2023

  • user parameter parsed as string before conversion to given type

  • numpy source becomes first to have read() path avoid dask

  • when registering drivers dynamically, corresponding open_* functions will be created automatically (plus refactor/cleanup of the discovery code)

  • docs config and style updates; the list of plugins to automatically pull in status badges

  • catalog .gui attribute will make top-level GUI instance instead of cut down one-catalog version

  • pre-commit checks added and consistent code style applied


Released February 13, 2023

  • server fix for upstream dask change giving newlined in report

  • editable plots, based on hvPlot’s “explorer”

  • remove “text” input to YAMLFileCatalog

  • GUI bug fixes

  • allow catalog TTL as None


Released on August 26, 2022.

  • Fixed bug in json and jsonl driver.

  • Ensure description is retained in the catalog.

  • Fix cache issue when running inside a notebook.

  • Add templating parameters.

  • Plotting api keeps hold of hvplot calls to allow other plots to be made.

  • docs updates

  • fix urljoin for server via proxy


Released on January 9, 2022.

  • Added link to intake-google-analytics.

  • Add tiled driver.

  • Add json and jsonl drivers.

  • Allow parameters to be passed through catalog.

  • Add mlist type which allows inputs from a known list of values.