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Intake Take2

Taking the pain out of data access and distribution

Intake is an open-source package to:

  • describe your data declaratively

  • gather data sets into catalogs

  • search catalogs and services to find the right data you need

  • load, transform and output data in many formats

  • work with third party remote storage and compute platforms

This is the start of the documentation for the alpha version of Intake: Take2, a rewrite of Intake (henceforth referred to as legacy or V1). We will give an introduction to the ideas of Intake in general and specifically how to use this release. Go directly to the walkthrough and examples, or read the following motivation and declarations of scope.


We are making Take2 as a full release. It is still “beta” in the sense that we will be adding many data types, readers and transformers, and are prepared to revisit the API in general. The reason not to use a pre-release or RC, is that users never see these.


Looking for Relationship to V1 documentation? You may have just installed Intake and found that Take2 broke things for you, so you might wish to pin to an older version. Or stick around and find out why you might wish to update your code. All old “sources”, whether still working or not, should be considered deprecated.


To install Intake Take2:

pip install -c conda-forge intake
pip install intake

Please leave issues and discussions on our repo page.

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