Plugin Directory

This is a list of known projects which install driver plugins for Intake, and the named drivers each contains in parentheses:

  • builtin to Intake (catalog, csv, intake_remote, ndzarr, numpy, textfiles, yaml_file_cat, yaml_files_cat, zarr_cat)

  • intake-astro Table and array loading of FITS astronomical data (fits_array, fits_table)

  • intake-accumulo Apache Accumulo clustered data storage (accumulo)

  • intake-avro: Apache Avro data serialization format (avro_table, avro_sequence)

  • intake-bluesky: search and retrieve data in the bluesky data model

  • intake-dcat Browse and load data from DCAT catalogs. (dcat)

  • intake-dynamodb link to Amazon DynamoDB (dynamodb)

  • intake-elasticsearch: Elasticsearch search and analytics engine (elasticsearch_seq, elasticsearch_table)

  • intake-esm: Plugin for building and loading intake catalogs for earth system data sets holdings, such as CMIP (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project) and CESM Large Ensemble datasets.

  • intake-geopandas: load from ESRI Shape Files, GeoJSON, and geospatial databases with geopandas (geojson, postgis, shapefile, spatialite) and regionmask for opening shapefiles into regionmask.

  • intake-hbase: Apache HBase database (hbase)

  • intake-iris load netCDF and GRIB files with IRIS (grib, netcdf)

  • intake-mongo: MongoDB noSQL query (mongo)

  • intake-nested-yaml-catalog: Plugin supporting a single YAML hierarchical catalog to organize datasets and avoid a data swamp. (nested_yaml_cat)

  • intake-netflow: Netflow packet format (netflow)

  • intake-notebook: Experimental plugin to access parameterised notebooks through intake and executed via papermill (ipynb)

  • intake-odbc: ODBC database (odbc)

  • intake-parquet: Apache Parquet file format (parquet)

  • intake-pcap: PCAP network packet format (pcap)

  • intake-postgres: PostgreSQL database (postgres)

  • intake-s3-manifests (s3_manifest)

  • intake-solr: Apache Solr search platform (solr)

  • intake-stac: Intake Driver for SpatioTemporal Asset Catalogs (STAC).

  • intake-spark: data processed by Apache Spark (spark_cat, spark_rdd, spark_dataframe)

  • intake-sql: Generic SQL queries via SQLAlchemy (sql_cat, sql, sql_auto, sql_manual)

  • intake-splunk: Splunk machine data query (splunk)

  • intake-xarray: load netCDF, Zarr and other multi-dimensional data (xarray_image, netcdf, opendap, rasterio, remote-xarray, zarr)

The status of these projects is available at Status Dashboard.

Don’t see your favorite format? See Making Drivers for how to create new plugins.

Note that if you want your plugin listed here, open an issue in the Intake issue repository and add an entry to the status dashboard repository. We also have a plugin wishlist Github issue that shows the breadth of plugins we hope to see for Intake.